Bank pads won’t initiate sounds

After saving a song I’m working on, the pads started randomly (and mostly) not working. I have to push and hold it in order for it maybe to work. Even though the pad gets highlighted the exact time I touch it, no sound is emitted. The same thing happens with using the keyboard, visually you see the key drop when you touch it but making no sound, without tapping persuasively on it.

It’s not my iPad screen, it doesn’t do this on my other songs, but now it happens on every bank on that song, even new ones I’ve since added on. Maybe the save got corrupted?

I hope this info is helpful in your bug fixing ventures, it’s a pain to loose a good track :/


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    Hey @JMJEXP

    Ensure note repeat is turned off on your bank. Sometimes this can be confusing as pads will only be triggered at specific times.

    Repeat mode is located on the bottom left part, next to the pads.


  • @mathieugarcia do you think we should do an FAQ sticky, that one in particular seems to be very regular .

  • Awesome, thank you so much! I’ll make sure to spend more time reading different threads before I post next time :)

  • Don't worry about it @JMJEXP - leaving note repeat on (or accidentally enabling it) is a common problem that still affects even the most experienced B3 users from time to time.

    Glad to have you aboard, btw.

  • Thanks @tk32! This is great software, but there is so much involved and so many different things that you can do, once that small mistake is made, its hard to find out what it is, lol. I’m digging BeatMaker and happy to be aboard, thanks for the warm welcome! I’ll post some of my stuff soon after I dig beneath the tip of this iceberg :)

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