BM3 and Sunrizer AUv3 bug

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There seems to be a bug in BM3 when using more than one instance of Sunrizer AUv3. I am using an iPad Pro 9.7 running the latest iOS 11.4.1 and when I load more than one instance of Sunrizer AUv3 the cpu goes crazy then there is no sound. When I close BM3 and reload the project there is no sound.

I am able to use more than one instance of Sunrizer AU in Cubasis 2 but not on BM3 so the bug is with BM3.


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    This seems to be a known issue in B3 with several of the major AUv3 synths, and it is rather unpredictable.

    For example - So far I seem to have no problem using 3 copies of Sunrizer on my iPad pro, but there is a point at which things suddenly break. When I tried using multiple copies of Synthmaster One I could get away with 3, but 4 broke things. Similar story with Zeeon, and probably other synths too, depending on how much RAM they require.

    Our best guess is that B3 is not handling memory correctly when more than 2 copies of a plugin are loaded, and this often leads to CPU spikes, memory leaks, corrupted sessions or just a regular crash.

    We are hoping things get more stable in the upcoming 3.1 update.

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