Loading previous/next session using midi ?


I'd like to load different sessions using a midi controller...
It might be in different ways, loading previous/next session with 2 controllers, seems the most "logical" , but assigning a PC or any controller to each session may help loading any session, in any order (more like in a "DJ style" choosing the proper wanted session )
An other parameter on the session itself might be to force or not the tempo of the session on loading.
I host BM3 into AUM, so I'd prefer to let me control this.

Thanks for considering :)


  • +1, this is essential for anyone playing live. I currently get around this by playing one shots arranged in different banks and bank groups but there are blocking bugs in the MIDI focus actions regarding bank and group selection. Would be ideal to be able to switch sessions--and scenes for that matter.

  • I wouldn’t say this is essential for live, i kmow a goid few performers that use two separate systems through a DJ mixer, so MIDI triggered loading is not even a consideration.

    But yeah it would definitely be a useful feature for some.

  • There are a few musicians out there who aren't DJs or even EDM artists. So your definition of what's critical strikes me as your opinion rather than an analysis of the addressable market.

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    Oh wait, so yours wasn’t an opinion, but in fact an analysis of the addressable market, i see, please provide all the back up research and documentation then, or indeed get over yourself and realise that others are allowed to have opinions too.

  • +1
    I really like to have such an addition to BeatMaker.

  • @crony interesting that you host BM3 in AUM. Can you let us know more about how that works for you? I tend to do the opposite and create loops in AUM to then use in BM3.

  • @5pinlink I'm a member of the forum and offer opinions, of course. Perhaps I have misunderstood your role as moderator, but if your opinion weighs the same as mine, then you are correct.

  • Why would my opinion weigh anymore than anybody else ?
    Perhaps you completely misunderstand what moderator means at any forum, just because some idiots who moderate forums act like they are special, does not mean this is the case.
    i am human, i assume you are human, this means our opinions have the same weight, end of story.

    Nothing i do or say will or should influence anybody or anything, that includes Intua or any of its users, if anybody listens to me more than they listen to anybody else, i think you will find that that is simply a case of earned respect that adds weight to a comment or suggestion, and indeed the weight is added by the listener, not myself.

    As above, i suggested this is "Not essential" but also said that it would definitely be a useful feature for some, that is a point of fact and not opinion, no matter what you wish to read in to it.

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    I keep in mind the interesting option of switching between 2 systems (here 2 iPads, each running a BM3)
    In fact, that's something I already does, emulating a mixer with AUM, switching audio, but, to avoid touching the screens during a live, and to stay focused on my midi controllers, I'd prefer not to.

    In fact I was doing like this because I didn't own BM3 last week :)
    I'm just discovering all the possibilities with AUx automation into BM3 which is just crazy good !!!

    Initially I planned to use BM3 only as a sampler, with some patterns.
    Modstep running midi, AUM for mixing all audio sources.
    I have 4 iPads so it's a bit messy in here :)
    1 is used as a final mixer (AUM running) , 3 others are used as sound modules (1 for beats, 2 for synths), premixed using an analog mix table.
    I'm actually running Modstep on the 4 iPads, so I can switch between them, launching Program Change on each synths to get patterns ready for playing them live.

    But if it's stable, I guess I could load some synths into each of my song...But there's some cases actually that I'm not sure BM3 can handle. IAA start/stop doesn't work, and I don't know if bluetooth will be as robust as AUM...

    Also, switching / loading synths until now resulted in desync between iPads...So I've choosen "essential" synths to stay on, then I'll resample the one I could use as loops into BM3, I guess there will be 1 or 2 BM3 playing...Just one if I'm lucky, and if switching songs is possible without glitches.

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