Resample performance live to pad?

Apologies if this has already been covered....

When recording sampling from the internal output, I can’t see or play the pads, making it impossible for me to record a live performance to a single pad. Is there some workaround that will allow me to do this? Am I missing something? This would be super helpful for making unquantized loops for further processing or resampling with effects.



  • Just noticed this works fine if I play the pads with an external controller, would be nice to have the option to do this with onscreen pads though.

  • @legsmechanical Agreed. The other thing you can do is create an audio track and set the audio inputs the same as you did with the pad, arm the track, press record on the transport. Then you can load your recorded audio onto a pad if you like. You'll find the recording in the session folder in the browser.

  • Thanks for the tip! Does the job, but def not ideal due to all the steps and having to deal with the sequencer.

  • Agreed, not ideal. I hope it'll be improved with updates....

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