Happy Birthday !!!!

So yeah its a year today since release
Congrats @mathieugarcia.


  • hah, was just googling the date to make sure, lol.

    Happy BDay Amazing App!

  • Amazing achievement! Congratulations!!

    Nice to see Just Blaze giving props to BM3 one year in.

  • What a year it has been =)

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    This means I must have opened B3 at least 365 times.

    Also means it's time I moved the icon around on my dashboard; there's a danger the iPad glass is wearing thin there after so many taps. ;)

  • Thanks y'all ! <3

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    Time flies by way too fast!

    I was almost expecting 3.1 to drop on the birthday but I guess good things comes to those who wait or something?!
    Anyways Congrats!

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