Feeback of AUx (and IAA ???...) parameters of a synth to a midi controller ?


Some synths (Model 15 and AniMoog, that's all reported functional...) are sending feedback of the position of their knobs while switching presets.
I'm using a BCR 2000, and it's very useful to read preset values on loading, then you can play with the sound.
I'm not sure that feature should/could be done for IAA synths, but I guess for AUx, echoing these values from the midi out of BM3 would help doing so ?

As "top" synths are integrating this, I'm not sure it's related to hosts, but as there's automation system in BM3 I would expect that, at least, it would echo the automation values, but it's not doing this. (tested with isem, recording Reso , then playing : nothing is echoed with MidiFlow...)

Sounds a bit anecdotic, but not to me ;)


  • What ???? 😮

    Hmm, so is it a value between 0 and 100 ? Something else ? I guess it’s not the biggest problem to have a different scale ( applying a rule by 3, I don’t know if it’s the same name as in French...) but really interesting to know ! Thanks 🙏

  • @korakios said:
    It would be tough to implement it.
    AU values aren’t CC compatible, meaning they don’t have 128 values.
    So even if BM3 could normalize/convert those values ,there would be issues from the conversion :(

    Thats nonsense, all DAWs use high resolution automation and then interpolate it from MIDI CC etc for control, there are no real issues from the concersion if the interpolation is done correctly.

  • Yes you are wrong, massively wrong ;)
    Trust me, I have made 100s of VSTs, I know the standard very well

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