BM3 Battle 11 - "Wood Rat" (Deadline August 19th)

BM3 Battle 11 - "Wood Rat"

Let's keep things light, fun, creative, entertaining, and friendly. Please. Thank You, Beatmakers!



ALL sounds in your submission must come from an instrument made of, from or generally involving some type of WOOD.

(Acoustic Pianos, Log Drums, Violins, Cellos, Violas, Marimbas, Acoustic Guitars, Acoustic Basses, Stand-up Basses, Wooden shakers, Guiros, wood flutes, wood Cajons, Tongue Drums, Woodblocks, all other wood drums, your wooden salad bowls from the way far back kitchen cabinet, ANYTHING MADE OF WOOD!

You could even record yourself whacking all your wooden furniture* with your hands, mallets, sticks, etc.... and get your serious-heavy-sound-design-hat on!

You want to make Single Cycle Wood Waveforms? OK!
Maybe you feel like making a custom wooden instrument? OK!

NO OTHER RESTRICTIONS - just have fun, get something made and submitted!

You can use ANY effect plugins and/or mastering plugins you like - JUST DO IT!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE is Midnight on Monday, AUGUST 19th

How to submit an entry (don’t just post a Soundcloud link!!)
Submit your entry by PM'ing a download link to @5pinlink (Dropbox/WeTransfer/etc.)
@5pinlink will randomise the entries and obfuscate them by assigning a track number to each, then uploads to a forum SoundCloud account in bulk.
@tk32 will list all the anonymous tracks in the voting thread
This has the added benefit of giving us access to high res original copies of all entries — not the ones mangled by SoundCloud — which could be used for mixtapes, compilations, or just for archiving.


(*Disclaimer: I am not responsibe for broken furniture from excessive whacking... )



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    Excellent - I'll start tonight!

    Relieved to see string instruments are permitted.

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    Oh yeah! Time to take/shake the dust of my old guitar 😋
    Although it might not be recognisable of course 😄

  • Morningwood!

    Sorry for juvenile joke, the 12 year old in me couldn't resist :p

  • @huphtur said:

    I almost called it "Morning Wood" !

  • Can these wooden instrument sounds come from samples/sample packs? It would be cool to use string instruments, but I'll be hard pressed to get ahold of some to record myself =) I'm assuming yes, but just want to make sure!

  • Good question, @ronji -
    YES - sample packs are fine as long as the sound originated from an instrument made of wood.

  • will be interesting to see how people get their cymbals :)

  • @5pinlink said:
    will be interesting to see how people get their cymbals :)

    Uh-Oh!! 🤔
    Didn't think of that now, did I?
    How does one make a cymbal-esque sound from wood?

  • Well there are some pretty high p[itch crackles etc when certain types of wood are burnt, and i do have some other suggestions if people do get stuck.

  • Oh Yeah!!
    Burning wood - I really like that idea!!
    Gotta get some fire in my entry fo' sho'!!

  • It was a trick question to be honest hahahaha, even cymbals are wooden ;) (Think about it)

  • I've kinda wanted a Cajon... Sure would come in handy right about now!
    Excited to hear what you come up with, @d4d0ug ! :)

  • If anyone finds any good free wooden/string sound packs/resources feel free to post them here.

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    Wow, all those sfz files

    Might be a good time to invest in the Bismark bs-16i AUv3 for this challenge

  • You can get the raw samples there too, keep in mind that at some point i will be porting a lot of this stuff to B3 within the forum folder structure ;)

  • Yeah!! Hey @ronji - it's Cajon time for you!! :D

  • Impressive, sure - but did you notice they added cymbal crashes in post?

  • I was thinking that the crash sound I was hearing was headphone leakage? But it kinda takes away from the vibe I think....


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    Yeah it kinda ruins the authenticity a bit. i don't like it.

    There must be some kind of metronome playing in his headphones, and a sampled crash plays once at the start of every 8-bar phrase. I think there are some shakers layered over the top too.

    If you've ever heard a live Cajon you'll know it can't make those type of sounds, even if you're wearing more rings and jewellery than Bobby George.

  • hand cymbals!

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    I'm looking forward to MANY less crashes with this battle (especially compared to the last one)

  • @MSandoval said:
    My electric guitar is made of wood. Can I use that? Or should it be only acoustic instruments? And samples of acoustic instruments?

    Hah, mine too!

  • @MSandoval said:
    My electric guitar is made of wood. Can I use that? Or should it be only acoustic instruments? And samples of acoustic instruments?

    It’s a wooden instrument with a mic. I don’t think mic position was specified, but correct me if I’m wrong 😊

  • Hmmmmm..... My gut instinct kinda wants to say no electric guitars, but i'm open to other opinions on this? :)

    Anyone else have a vibe on this either way?

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    I agree with Dean.

    Wooden acoustic - YES
    eg guitar, violin, piano, drums, xylophone, etc

    Wooden electric - NO
    eg electric guitar, electric pianos, organs

  • I think it’s an impossible distinction. Every instrument you record will have to go trough a mic, be amplyfied in a way, converted into electricity... you get my point. What about an accoustic guitar with a build in mic, is that accoustic, electric? Its made of wood, its a stringed instrument, wood is a determining factor in the sound (not sure this is the case with an electric piano, organ etc)

    I don’t mind excluding electric guitars, (there are enough options as it is) but they seem not to be excluded by application of the battle rules.

    That is my respectful opinion 😇

  • Of course it’s entirely up to @DeanDaughters to decide wether it fits his intention! Peace 😊

  • I agree with @denx in that its kinda an impossible distinction.

    So as a matter of preference, let's please stick to NON-ELECTRIC instruments for this battle.


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