BM3 within Garage Band

I can’t sync BM3 within GarageBand as a IAA instance, I have no control like other app, did I mess something ?


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    Download MIDI LINK SYNC
    Activate Ableton Link in BM3
    In MIDI LINK SYNC 1st select midi to link at the top of the screen
    Then tick midi link sync in at the bottom of the screen
    Then in Gb enable both background running and send clock.
    Then press play in gb
    Switch back to midi link
Then click enable sync.
    The top number (the clock from gb fluctuates a lot, but the link number seems to settle down
    Most of this was from a post by Biancaneve in the AudioBus forum. I just modified for BM3.
    *edit: I was going to post a link to MIDI LINK SYNC but it's no longer available in the App Store. What a pity. It was such a great and super helpful app.

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    Link to Midi is still available and doEs some.of the same things.

    Link to MIDI by Alexandernaut

    As noted in the thread Philowerx links to, it's not exactly the same.

    Might do for your needs.though.

  • Unfortunately Link To MIDI doesn't seem to work very well in this situation. GarageBand starts BM3 but a few beats off.

  • Wow thanks a lot guys ! I will try it.
    I havé ask thaïs question to find à Way to import files to Logic Pro and I think that file transfert via iCloud will be better.
    I should be release a Vst version OF bm3, can’t Wait for it

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