Increase macro controls to...64 ? At least... :)


Ok, Macro controls are massive, but it seems too limited for my needs I'm afraid...

As far as I've understood, if you want to map let's say Ruismaker to a midi controller, you have to select an AUx parameter between the 16 that BM3 can handle (fine for me) , then you assign it to a macro control, then you map the macro to your midi controller. Right ?

I wonder because selecting instruments directly is not a problem, it's assigned with the notes on the midi controller.
But the CC's are not. Right ??
I kind of expected that even with a fix CC into Ruismaker related to BM3, I would have been able to control it directly as the midi controller is well connected as he's sending notes to the instruments...

Am I missing something ?
If it's the normal workflow of BM3, 16 macros are really too few...
I could "live" with 64 macros in that case, but to have some spare, I'd love to have 128...or maybe 96...

Thanks for your comments :)


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    A workaround : just use the IAA versions.
    I don't need/want multiple instances of the same AUx, it's really about fully controlling them real time...And 16 macro controls is too few to control more than 2 synths properly...
    But I'm not sure I can record automation in that case...Well, should be...

  • Ok it works fine ! :)
    Just something weird, if you record automation, it's recorded but not seen anywhere ! It "stick" to the instrument...
    If you define the controller into BM3, then you can draw it...
    But as there's an undo button, you can manage... :D

  • @korakios said:

    support midi learn for any parameter

    +1 again.

  • @korakios said:
    Well , the proper way would be to support midi learn for any parameter (with optional focus) instead of the macro thing.
    Macros are supposed to be ,hmmm, macros :tongue: ,controlling multiple parameters !


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    I personally don't mind using macro controls.
    If it's stable, and works fine with 16, why not not making a full midi learn stuff that could be a pain to maintain/develop/debug , and "simply" increase number of macros ?

    Seems to me it "just" requires a panel a bit better organized in settings (128 macro controls with all other midi assignable parameters, that's a very long just tabs to check them) ad a scroll on the AU knob settings, and increase the number of macro's...

    I guess it should impact the weight of automation on patterns (listening to 128 macro's everywhere ?) but is it not as CPU consuming as a full midi learn support ?

    That would make the job exactly as we (or at least I) want.

    @mathieugarcia ?

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    Because global MIDI learn is vastly superior and also the standard way to do things, if i want 129 MIDI assignments, 128 macros doesn't help then, never mind 300 assignments etc etc.
    Also nobody except the developers know what is easier to design/maintain/debug or if indeed anything uses more CPU ;)

    That being said, yes more macros please, personally i think they should be added as needed by the user in pages of eight ala Maschine, rather than having a maximum number.

    But one feature (macros) does not replace another (global MIDI assign) and never should.

  • Couldn’t agree more with @5pinlink’s opinions here.

  • @5pinlink said:
    But one feature (macros) does not replace another (global MIDI assign) and never should.

    ^100% THIS^

  • @DeanDaughters said:

    @5pinlink said:
    But one feature (macros) does not replace another (global MIDI assign) and never should.

    ^100% THIS^


  • @5pinlink just giving my thoughts as a "noob" angle, might help opening discussion or rethink about something that has been forgotten at some point.
    Also just to let know to the devs we respect their work and we want also trying to help our way... :)

  • Nothing has been forgotten, trust me, @mathieugarcia is a cool calculated code assasin, everything will get done, i have zero doubt of that ;)

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