Launch all synths IAA/AUx at launching session


I'd like to have an option to launch all synths while loading a session instead of launching the session, then launch synth one by one...
Thanks for considering :)


  • oups, sorry, seems to be the case already... :)

  •, it depends... :(

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    Most people pre launch IAA with whatever host they use, not just B3, put an abridged version of each IAAs name in the B3 project title, then pre start them before the project.

    Again i suggest we need a diagnostic load, but also some load notes may even be handy for this IAA stuff.

    Lets start the week out as we mean to continue "IAA should be shot in the face"

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    Hmm, launching synths before launching BM3, that sounds simple enough and good to me for my "launch checklist"... :)

  • Are midi settings for IAAs within BM3 retained?

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