OT : Thomann selling iTrack studio pack for £99

And that includes the shipping.

Looks like Focusrite have slashed the price everywhere, Thomann is just cheap cheap.


Mine arrives in a couple of days lol.
Maybe they wont work in IOS 12 or something, its ridiculous pricing.


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    I wonder if their shape stops them working with the pros and newer models?

    Reminds me of when Apple ditched 30pin in favour of lightening, and all those premium brand speakers with the old dock were selling at rock bottom prices.

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    As far as i know they work with anything lightning up to 9.7, but i could be wrong on that, i can test with an Air 2, I got it for a Mini next to my decks with B3 on, for my HipHop production set up.

  • Ahhh just checked around, they work fine with Pros, but you have to buy an extension cable for the lightning.

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    I have this pack and sometimes it stop working with updates... now I’m not in the latest version yet so/but working fine. It’s a good price... I’m tempted to buy another!

  • Only tested it quickly with the headphones but it works with IOS 12, so it has some future proofing.
    The build quality is good except for the absolute garbage lightning connector, push the pad in too tight and it does that disconnecting rubbish, why anybody thought a sliding lightning connector vs a cable is completely beyond me, very very very poor design.

    I will contact Focusrite about it, they are going to need to fix or replace it.

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