Ableton Link still drifting

I left Beatmaker for 6 months because of the drift as it made it unusable in my setup (drum machines/samplers need to be in sync).

Got excited when I saw there had been 2 updates in that time. Unfortunately, I don't see the changelog listing the problem being fixed and indeed it hasn't been.

I'd love to find out it's something I'm doing wrong so I can use Beatmaker - it's the missing link in my setup. Unfortunately this can't happen yet so I'm sticking with my setup:
Blocs Wave
(through AudioBus3)
all these lock real tight to each other.

No one else seems to report this so if anyone can suggest a fix I'd really appreciate it, Otherwise I guess I just wait for another 6 momths and come back to it with fingers crossed....




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    Actually, it may be a bit better than it was. I have to stop and start it about every 16 bars (at 120bpm) where the flamming with other apps becomes a problem.

  • Its a known unfixed issue im afraid.

  • Thanks Spinlink - I'll stop looking for a solution.

    (It would be top of the fix list for me - drum box in time seems pretty important :blush:

    Figured out how to use it in the meantime:

    Use with the above setup then bounce everything into Beatmaker like I would into a DAW like Cubasis and carry on with everything in time. If I need other loops afterwards I can run other apps in time (using Link) enough to see if they work and export to Beatmaker.

    Hope it's a fixable problem

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