Pops and clicks

When im looping audio ( recording audio to scenes from pads) i cant get rid of click in the end of the loop even i process it with silnce and fade out. Any ideas?



  • Silence is clicking :(

  • Do you mean you hear a click looping silence or with a bit of silence at the end? The sound I see is cut off on a peak on one channel, so that’s bound to click even with silence behind it. Looks like you need a shortish fade out instead...

  • I hear click after the silence.. :)

  • If you hear the click after the silent bit while looping the entire sample, the click is probably at the start. If you hear it looping silence, its probably not really silence? Maybe your selection includes a bit of the end of the sound? Moving loop points a tad inward should answer that question...

  • Thank u @denx , solved👍 I was used to looping in Loopy HD, they did it somehow there is never any pops, its smoother.

  • Everythng in Loopyhas an automatic crossfade, thats the last thing you would want in B3, we have full control over crossfade looping instead.

  • @5pinlink You are right i suppose 👍

  • Loopy needs to be immediate, its a looper, B3 needs to be accurate, its a powerhouse production death droid ;)

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