Empty keyboard AUv3 ?

edited July 2018 in Feature Requests

I'd like to set an empty keyboards to drive AUv3 synths outside BM3. Without sound, just midi.

At the moment, the workaround that seems to work is to create a sampler, with an blank sound of 1 sec on the 127 pads.
Then I redirect it to AUM which dispatch to the proper synths.

The only thing I don't get is if I record automation (with my controller) it is well recorded, but not seen anywhere to edit.
Workaround here is to set a parameter is to draw it manually I guess.

Then I started to edit a bit, then it crash, lost all the created bank...Fuck...Going to sleep.

I found this that might work ?

At least I could set 16 macro controls on it...


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