Loosing Link/IAA

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It seems (after around 10 minutes) of playing continuously between 4 iPads

iPad1.Host : AUM , BM3 as IAA
iPad2.Host:AUM, BM3 as IAA
iPad3:Host BM3 connected with bluetooth (connected to iPad1)
iPad4:Host BM3

All BM3 does not respond to IAA start/stop.
Fixed : respond to MMC perfectly

Then MMC are reversed on my midi interfaces.
Bug from AUM, corrected on next version

Then at some point sometimes Link is crashing...

I know, it sounds crazy, but it's a bug... :D


  • Hello,

    Just wanted a feedback...I got Link crashing ( 24 apps running to...4...) after some use (an hour or less, it's random, but it crash all the time at some point...)
    I have an Airport Extreme, set to 5ghz, hidden, wpa2, dedicated only to music and for Link sync.
    No Bluetooth, just midi wired and Link.
    I have to check again if I restart the Airport I think it goes up again.

    I also suspect Beat Maker 3 to cause this, because I included it into my workflow recently, and never had any crash before.
    As it's not really stable with Link, I wonder as he's getting out of phase, if that would result with a crash of Link ?

    Anybody have that kind of issue ?

    Thanks :)

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