Stop advertising Ableton Link when it doesn't work!

I think I've figured out why it doesn't work:

Sure, it grabs the tempo from Ableton Link
and It starts with Ableton Link "start"

After that, it's freewheeling with no sync other than the tempo it's read when it's started (so it's never truly in time except for beat 1).

I paid good money for this app last year and still can't use it - I have every right to be annoyed,

Developers, at least put BETA against Ableton Link until you sort the issue out........

Do Ableton ever check their technology is being used correctly - maybe they missed this one

(in case you don't know, Ableton Link drifts out of time and Beatmaker has to be restarted at least every 16 bars to resync it)


  • You have every right to be annoyed for sure, an advertised feature doesn't work, but unless you are ten years old or living in a completely poverty stricken country, you did not pay good money for this app, you paid a pittance for such a powerful piece of software (Like all good IOS apps)

    That being said, you are right, Ableton Link should be removed from the app until it works.

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    Rich, poor, young, old cheap or expensive - not getting what is written on the box is universally frustrating.

    I could have put the "pittance" into a lot of apps that would have served me well for the past year instead of something just taking up disk space.

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    (and please don't tell me it's not really a disk) :smiley:

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