Crash While Playing Sound Bank in 64 pad view

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Attached is a Dropbox session in in which switching to 64 pad view and playing the pads crashes BM3. It is the blue bank A which causes it named Sunrizer. Pad View


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    Fixed the crash by turning off disk streaming for that sample in bank A1. It’s not even a 64 pad issue, it’s some combination of disk streaming (this has been known to cause crashes for different situations since the last update) and playing pads beyond A#7 with that sample in this particular session. You can play all of the pads below B7 whether you’re in 64 pad mode or 16 pad mode, but playing B7 or higher crashes B3, with this particular sample.

    For now, as I believe I’ve seen it confirmed that this is already fixed in the yet to be released 3.1 update, don’t use disk streaming on short samples, and trim long samples so they don’t have a huge impact on RAM when disk streaming is off.

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