Presets not showing in AUs StreamByter

I can't get my presets using this AUs plugin :(

Thanks :)


  • The host-based AU presets button functionality needs to be added to B3. I believe at least one developer of an AU plugin had added the preset button to their AU UI because of hosts like B3 (or maybe B3 specifically) that didn’t have the button functionality yet. I wouldn’t expect that to happen in this case based on the reply you got in the Audeonic forum. Hopefully 3.1 has this functionality when it gets released, otherwise hopefully it’ll come in an update shortly afterwards.

  • Also remember that you can copy the text from streambyter in one area, such as the standalone, and paste it into streambyter in B3.

  • AUv3 presets will be a pita until there is a common place where the plug-ins and read & write their presets to regardless of which host is used.

    This is one of the reasons many AUv3 plug-ins have their built-in preset management, it's a work-around for Apples failure to deliver.(Ie. give us something similar to a system level /Library/Audio/Presets where the Hosts & AUv3 plug-ins can freely read & write to, added bonus would be that hosts could scan that folder and give us a list of all the saved presets regardless of the source plug-in, when a user then selects one of those presets the proper plug-in gets loaded).

    I personally do NOT like the fact the presets created using one host are not available in the other.
    So until that is fixed I prefer the approach where each Plug-In has integrated preset management.

    Maybe it will be iOS15 or something like that we never know, it's after Apple with their well, less the open way of doing things...

  • @ronji :

    @brambos is the developer you were referring to, who (very kindly) went back through all his plugins to add built-in preset management.

  • @samu see I didn’t even realize that the host preset buttons were limited to accessing presets created in that host and not in other hosts. That’s ridiculous. I’m assuming factory presets are always available, but still. I would have assumed presets created in a host would be stored with the plugin somehow, not in the host.

    @tk32 thanks for refreshing my memory =)

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    @brambos is the boss. :)

    I should also give a special mention to Kai Aras, who promised me he'd add built-in preset management to his Volt AUv3 synth (especially for B3 users) after I emailed him about it shortly after it launched a few months back.

    Sure enough, less than a week later, the feature appeared in his next update (v1.1)

  • Preset management should always be down to the plugin developer, i know that may be an unpopular thought with some developers, but they obviously have never followed plugin development on any other platform, host based preset management has always been a complete luckster ckuf, even when implemented exactly to the plugin specs.

    No preset management in your plugin, no purchase from me.

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