Macro's active anywhere...


To sum up : as far as I get it, a Macro is only active while you are on the selected synth or track...
I was expecting, as a midi controller is assigned properly, to use that Macro anywhere while using the app.
Am I wrong with understanding this limitation ?
If not, hope these Macro's will get improvements...
Thanks !



  • What you are asking for is called global macros, and the developer has already said it will happen at some point.

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    I've thought of a way this could be implemented...

    In the settings for each macro — in this example 'Bank:C Macro:3' — you could have a MAKE GLOBAL tick box, which if enabled, would deactivate macro 3 in all your other banks so that bank C's macro 3 could be triggered anywhere, regardless of which bank had focus.

    If/when you later disabled the global setting on that macro, all the other disabled ones would be reactivated with their previous settings.

    In effect, it would be like soloing a specific macro 3 (in this case on Bank C).

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