Lazy chop feature?

New beatmaker user here. I was wondering if there was a lazy chop feature where you can create slices by tapping the pads?


  • I don’t believe we have that feature yet, but you can do a pretty easy lazy chop by placing slice markers on a sample and then either play it in keys mode or use save slices to pads. You can place slices based on the grid, like 1/8 or whatever, or you can just place them roughly. I can do a quick video demo

  • I love lazy chop.. just updated my mpc1000 to the new jjos3 for that feature.. I have found a way to kinda lazy chop within the wave view in chop mode with the scissors selected in bm3, it’s not tapping the pads to select the chops, but it’s more like tapping the wave as it plays....

  • I saw that they mentioned live slicing in one of the promo videos. I thought thats what it was referring to.

  • I don’t think I’ve seen live slicing mentioned, but I’ve seen auto slice featured in some videos. Auto slice let’s you slice to the grid or set a specific number of slices, which you can adjust afterwards. I’ve never used an mpc, but lazy chop sounds like a good feature request. In the meanwhile, touching the wave form to place slices is really easy, and you can double tap the wave to play the sample and see the play head move across the wave form to get a better idea of where you what to place those slice markers.

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