Problems with silent exports

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So I'm trying to export stems to do final mixdown in another app.

The BM3 UI appears to advertise that you can boil down not only each bank, but each pad within a bank, to its own audio file. However, there are several issues:

  1. If I switch to Tracks mode in the Audio Export menu, I can select each bank, and if that bank has multiple pads, I can select the pads in each bank.
  2. However, when I do get the list of pads in each bank and select the ones I want, if I go back, it doesn't show me the banks I selected any more.
  3. Also, when I finally do the export, some of the pads in a bank (or a bank itself) export silent.

There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which banks and pads export with sound and which don't. There's no muting or soloing going on, and any effects on individual pads are turned off as I want to export each pad or bank dry.

What could I be missing? You can export multiple banks and pads at the same time, right?

As an aside, the BM3 documentation is exceptionally poor, and hasn't answered a single question I've had while using this product, which is great. I could offer some advice on how to improve it and perhaps reduce frustration.


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    This seems to be the same problem as is occuring here

  • are you using samples or midi/plug ins? I've had issues where plug ins were not loading properly so when I did exports (stems or mixdown) those tracks were silent.

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    The problem occurs with both. The thing that has worked so far is to export banks only or pads within a bank only in one export

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