Huphtur - Good portable speakers ?



  • lol - I know, I know - Ha Ha Ha!
    I'm addicted to this camera app called Muse Mage. I need serious help. :D

  • Never used a camera app in my life, i use cameras lol.

  • Didn't realise you were a photog, 5pin. What camera are you using currently?

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    Sold my Canon SLR and swapped to an m43 Lumix body so that all my lenses would fit on my Black Magic Cinema (Which since went on ebay because they announced the 4k pocket for the end of the year lol)
    Really want a point n squirt too though, Sony RX100 are pretty much the dogs danglies for that.

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    I'm having huge fun mounting vintage prime lenses (manual focus only) on my Fuji X-T1. I do street photography using a zone focus technique. The X-T1 is small, powerful and tactile (with loads of dials).

    I've become a bit addicted to buying vintage glass on ebay.


  • Yeah i gave up on vintage glass to be honest, spent more time noodling than filming lol
    My interests lie more with moving image, so the Tokina 11-20 is basically dream glass.

  • There are so many, for example: Megaboom 3, Xtreme 2, Marshall Kilburn II, Charge 4 and etc. Take a look at Review Position they have some pretty good recommendations.

  • @winconway

    You're a visual dude as well.
    Now that's very interesting.
    I'm having a little noodle in that direction as well.

    I got distracted with the Magic Lantern stuff on Canon
    and did the vintage lenses thing as well.
    Personal fav's are my Helios 44-2 and 44-M.

    Back on topic.

    Sebastionshaw, DeanDaughters said it all.
    Bluetooth speakers no go, too much latency.

    I mentioned it on your voting poll as well before I saw this thread.

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    Helios 44-2. Nice.

    mmmm... Swirly Soviet bokeh!

  • @tk32

    Yep... I had to put it away, it was way to distracting.
    The visual equivalent of my Octava MK-319.

  • Never fpund the fascination with the Helios, always preferred the old Nikons, but nowadays I would rather just have something modern like the Sigma Art 18-35.

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