Something fresh from The Bro

Something fresh and chill from The Bro. Enjoy this new demo!!!

Listen to The Bro - New Territory (demo) by The Bro #np on #SoundCloud


  • Is no one feeling this? :-(

  • It felt a bit hectic and tense rather than chill, and it seemed to me like some elements were clashing and off key. It kinda seems like it would be the soundtrack to a cutscene in a video game where something bad is about to go down. Also I think it’s a bit quiet. How do you feel about it?

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    EDIT: see below for the perfect synergy....

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    Here's an idea...
    Start playing the track, and then start the video on mute (it should automatically play from 00:52 and aligns perfectly with your track) ;)


    Video (Mute and start from 0:52):

  • Thanks for the listens guys. Gonna probably take it off Soundcloud if its off key lol.

  • I'm not meaning any offence, btw. I think it's a good soundtrack piece.

  • Thanks but if its off key it needs to come off Soundcloud. I wasn't totally sure if it works or not.

  • Never remove something for 'Off key'
    Richard James invents his own scales that are 'Off key' and he is probably the greatest musician in the world of electronica.

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    Ok just had a good few listens in the car, let me start by saying at least 85% of my 5k vinyls is soundtracks and themes etc etc, so i may be biased.
    This is by far and away the best thing you have posted on this forum for me personally, it is way less formulaic and paint by numbers like your usual stuff (which is what i was expecting and didnt listen till now because of) the arpegio is very Goblin 70s OST but the beat is very early 80s yamaha RX reminiscent of an extremely low budget SciFi film of that era, i think the string/pad thing needs a little work and dirtying, and that Goblin style 70s arpegio always sounds huge with a 70s funk style beat (youtube Goblin 70s OST or such, you will hear what i mean) definitely wanting this to be in the 7-7.30 minutes long sound track arena with crazy ivans here and there too.
    It feels like you are finally moving away from "Try every genre i can find" and moving in to your own area, which is brilliant.
    Really looking forward to you pushing forward with this style.

    Keep in mind here that i am literally (actual real use of the word) the least talented musician that has ever or will ever frequent this forum though, but i like it !!!

  • Man I didn't mean to offend with my comment! I was surprised by what I heard when it was introduced as "chill". I didn't know if you were going for something chill or something tense. I love me some dissonance, and I am also a fan of soundtracks, this just didn't seem as advertised haha. Off key is unconventional and can be daring, I was just expecting something else and wasn't sure how you felt about your piece. You should keep working on it (you labeled it as a demo so I assume you mean to keep working on it). At the least, it needs mixing, which will allow it to be louder and more pronounced, in my opinion.

  • Its definitely not chill, thats for sure, i dont think you offended @ronji, it is just everywhere you look now is use this scale, make sure you are in the right key etc etc, younger guys Think off key means broken or something lol, but he should be glad to be getting insight off you and @tk32, your combined knowledge is immense !!

  • @The_Bro ....Bro, don't take it down. It is chill heatwave. ;)

  • Thanks for the love. I'll keep it up there then!! 😉

  • It instantly brought me here...

    ...thus instant love. :heart:

  • @Audiogus said:
    It instantly brought me here...

    ...thus instant love. :heart:

    Love how Robocop will always swing on pipes to this beat. Lol. It’s rad. He’s always on time.

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