Loosing sound packs

So I brought over my bm2 purchases to bm3. Great! Then I did a rescan and after 15 hours (yes it took over 15 hours to do this) everything is set. I tag all my packs and then I realized it uploaded all the sessions from the purchased bm2 packs in my session folders. so deleted the sessions since I don’t want them and then I uploaded a song and said I was missing files. Turns out if you delete a session it deletes all the files. Interesting. Any one else have this happen?


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    Deleting a session will only delete the files in that session folder that you saved or created during that session, you must have saved the session with the samples, B3 does not use a session folder as general storage.

    If B3 has used session folders for general storage it would definitely be a first and has never been reported before, most likely it is user error i am sorry to say, i try to drill good housekeeping in to everybody here.

    B3 is desktop level complex, it takes desktop level of housekeeping to keep files in order ;)

  • I did not save the sessions. It was the sessions from the sound packs that were bought on bm2. Those session files when deleted deletes all the files for the purchase. So the sound packs from bm2 must be set up that way.

  • Ohhhhhh sorry i misunderstood, but deleting a session should not delete the samples, are you sure you didn't delete the B2 session folder that contains everything in that session ?

    If you still have issues i will reinstall B2 and import a session over to B3, see if i can work out how to do it ;)

  • I’m still working my end. I only deleted what was in session folder. I deleted the session files on cpu the imported over but now tags won’t recognize the kit so you have to tag one by one instead of select all. Pretty funky just dont want my sessions folder full of files I don’t need or want. But I still got the samples and banks.

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