What iOS synths can I download for Beatmaker 3? (Newbie!)

Hi there,
Apologies for ridiculous question but Im new to all things iPad and apps! Ive ben a laptop music maker for years and transferring over to iPad now and to Beatmaker for my writing as love the feel of it. However only getting used to downloading VST instruments / loops via apps so.... I see there are numerous synths out there but read a lot on here about people saying about making sure theyre AU supported. How do I know if a synth is AU supported as I don't want to spend money and then not be able to use it with Beatmaker. Am looking for one that will have all the usuals but also really etheral ambient piano stuff too.

I will be recording my guitar in also so looking for a plug in that might work like Guitar Rig or something with loads of flexibilty.

Thank you in advance!!


iPad mini / Beatmaker / Audient iD4


  • Hello Maria
    Welcome to the forum
    First things first, go here

    If you look through that top post, you will see entire sections created here at the forum for you to download a ton of sample resources put together by forum users (look for the forum folder structure, it keeps everything tidy) you will also find compatibility lists there too AUi/AUfx/AUMIDI, I keep these up to date as much as possible and they list every AU plugin currently available, when viewing the lists you can click on a plugins name and it will take you to a thread just about that plugin, with a screengrab and description and any issues B3 users have found, if you have any questions about any of those plugins, post it in thise threads and you should get answers before you buy ;)

    There is not much in the way of Romplers in AU right now (B3s sampler makes up for that) so you may want to post an example clip or YouTube of the sort of piano you want.

    You may find you end up buying certain plugins just for one or two types of sounds, IOS has a lot more very sound specific synthesizers (not really an issue at IOS prices) for example, the plugin Mersenne, one trick pony that does metallic mallety sort of stuff (still one of my fav synths)

  • Ah thanks a mil for getting back 5pin. Will be sure to check everything out you said. I will look up Mersenne now! Thanks again! M :smiley:

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    Mmmmm... so many good synths. Like Homer at the donut store

    Just watch your wallet (or purse?), Maria. I'm living on tinned beans after all the apps I've bought this last year ;)

  • I hear you TK! That's why I need to do a bit more asking / demo-ing first rather than impatiently downloading hah! I'm kind of new to samplers and building my own instruments so will look forward to a new challenge but Ive always liked an Absynth-y/ Massive style synth to have in the back of my workflow to be able to go quickly to create droney pad style sounds like this:

    And also a plugin for my acoustic gtr that will create similar fx would be great - just fancied a change from guitar Rig if there was one! (In fact not sure if it comes in an app yet - have a lot of work / research to do!) If you come across any you think might suit Id love to know. Kasper and some of these synths seems to be kinda electro-ey maybe.. less soundscapey.. Anyway, its great to be here! Cant wait to try get stuck in! Thx again!

  • You have to buy Synthmaster ONE in that case - it would be a great fit for your style.

    Just don't use more than 3 instances in the same track ;)

  • Yep Synthmaster one for sure, closest to Massive.

  • And audio Kits new synth. Although IAA it is fantastic.

  • I'm currently using Arp Odyssei. Absolutely amazing but no AU support at the moment. I think I'm going to get Moog Model D next. 😉

  • @mazattack said:
    I hear you TK! That's why I need to do a bit more asking / demo-ing first rather than impatiently downloading hah! I'm kind of new to samplers and building my own instruments so will look forward to a new challenge but Ive always liked an Absynth-y/ Massive style synth to have in the back of my workflow to be able to go quickly to create droney pad style sounds like this:

    Hi Maria,

    That example you posted is precisely the style of stuff I write (shameless self-promotional plug: you can find me as Blindcrake on Spotify, Bandcamp, iTunes, etc).

    Most of my stuff is bass, guitar, acoustic guitar that's been mangled and stretched into super long drones and pads, but I also use soft synths and a hardware synth as well. Lately, I've mostly been using my Korg Minilogue as a hardware controller for soft synths in iOS.

    It's been a bit of a rocky road transitioning some of my writing and production over to the iPad but it's been really fun and have had more success than I thought.

    Some of my Blindcrake songs that feature iOS synths (but not Beatmaker yet, as I just bought it);

    In the Unlikely Event of an Emergency Water Landing
    Dekonstruktion I
    Light at the Edge of the World

    I don't remember the precise synths for each track, I would have to look at my Logic files for some hints. And those synths/songs were post-processed in Logic as I hadn't explored granular synthesis on iOS yet, etc. Message me if you want specifics, or I can maybe do a full post write-up here if others are interested.

    My newer stuff will hopefully be more iPad-only. I think I've finally put all the pieces together, with Beatmaker being the final piece!

  • Thanks so much everyone ! Hi groovy is IAA the name of the synth? And to Bro the arp synth if I download the app can I not record with it in Ableton then? Also thank you ringthane! Can I ask what plug in amp simulater with Fx presets you’d recommend to run my guitar through while playing /recording? (I know I should be placing them on after but it’s just how I work, helps me write. Was using guitarig with logic and ableton previously . Thank you guys for your help. What a friendly forum! Hope you don’t get annoyed with my many questions that I’m sure will be coming up eek

  • IAA = Inter App Audio, which is a specification for audio apps to be able to load into host apps that support IAA, but only works for one instance of the app.
    AUv3 = Audio Unit version 3, which is a specification similar to VST that allows an app to be loaded into a host that supports AUv3, and can allow multiple instances of the same app to be loaded at one time this way.
    Either of these will generate sound that you can either export to a file (if the app supports it) which you can transfer and load into Ableton, or you can use cables to capture the audio live into Ableton like you would with a synth or something.

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    My advice is to stick with AUv3 compatible plugins, especially when you're starting out.

    IAA is a pain in the ass, and doesn't store your patch and dial settings when you save your project.

  • Yes, what @tk32 said, but also as @groovey said do get the AudioKit Synth One app, cuz it’s free and has lots of good sounds (and hopefully will someday get an AUv3 update)

  • Thank you guys I realized immediately after writing IAA what I’d asked what a fool! I am definitely way more confused than just loading vst instruments into Cubase or AUs into Ableton. I just want a good quality synth (with lots of variety internal banks) that I can load up and literally just plug and play live through BeatMakers keyboard screen. I’m presuming then I’ll look for AUv3 instruments at the shop then. I don’t really want to have to load an instrument separately, wait record samples then fo back in and load up into beatmakers banks at the minn- while I’m starting out anyway! You’ve all been really helpful! Thank You! Does anyone no is it easy to load up a guitar amp simulator / special guitar fix into an audio track to have the fix running live as I record? Bit like the old Guitar Rig? Thx again guys :)

  • Synthmaster One is the synth you should look at.
    Loading FX and playing guitar realtime is simple yes.
    Create a track.
    Set the input on the track (your guitar)
    Press Mon (Monitor) and play.
    When recording there are a couple of bugs with monitoring right now in B3, but i doubt you will even notice them.

  • Sorry also I’m using a notation launch key but having a little trouble in getting BeatMaker to recognizing it even just playing the regular banks in there. Just wondering if I’m missing something . Using a powered hub and an Audient soundcard. Thx

  • Strike the midi comment above figured that . Thx 5pin. Will look see if I can find replacement for guitar rig :)

  • There is nothing that replaces Guiar rig in AU just yet, but they are being developed.

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