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Newbie so please bear with me. BM3 is my first approach with a DAW and I'm getting stuck with importing midi files. It's ironic that I have the same midi pack that the guy in this video has; I imported them without issue. I can see the file sizes are correct so they don't seem to be corrupt but when I drag the midi into a bank in the sequencer there is no sound, actually it's like the midi file isn't recognized. No movement on the meter, no mapping on the pads, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    First of all... welcome to the forums.

    I'll try to help as best I can based on the information you've given.

    What sort of midi data are you importing? Melodies or rhythm?

    When you drag a midi file onto the sequencer, it creates a pattern with the midi notes on Pad 1. If you're not getting any sound make sure you have some kind of sample or instrument loaded on Pad 1. Also, y\ou may need to drag the notes around in pattern edit mode, especially if the midi file is for a drum pattern.

    If you want to see the notes that got imported, open the Pattern in edit mode (double-tap) and then switch between pads/keys view (the button in the top-right corner) until you see the notes

  • @DodgeP can you share the midi file so we can give it a try?

  • @tk32 @WillieNegus @huphtur
    Thanks for your quick response. I wasn't expecting to hear anything util tomorrow. To answer some of your questions. It's a midi h-hat pack and I know for a fact that I was dragging the midi files onto an empty Pad in the sequencer, so that could very well be where I'm going wrong. I will put something on the pad and try again. Dragging files in patter view is a great tip. The midi pack can be downloaded from my dropbox here at: [ ]

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    Load some samples on a bank first, then drag the midi file in the sequencer. Doube click the imported pattern (to edit), you will notice you have to scroll up a lot until you see the midi notes. Like beatmakeristhesquad explained in his video, you will have to move the notes to the pad you want to trigger. When I tried it with Blue Hundreds.mid, I had to move the notes from pad 61 all the way down to pad 4 (where I had a hi hat sound). Hope this helps!

  • Finally figured it out. Part brain fart, part misunderstanding and part not really knowing what to expect. So the midi file is merely a pattern that is played by the sample you drag it on top of, correct? I was thinking the file was a “sound” and because of that misunderstanding I was putting samples in a bank, say pad 2 and 4 then moving the pattern to pad 3 that didn’t have a sample on it.

    I’ll get it together at some point! LOL

  • Yeah MIDI is basically remote control stuff.
    Think of a TV, the remote to change the TV options is the MIDI file, the TV itself is the sample or synth that is being told what to do by said remote control.

    As for B3, when you import a MIDI file it converts all that control information in to events and puts them in a pattern for you, you can then use that pattern (Remote controller) to tell a synth or sampler (TV) what to do.

    That may sound patronising to some, but it is the method i have been using for thirty years for teaching people their first ever look at MIDI, and it works well hahahaha.

  • @5pinlink - LOL .. yeah, once I figured it out I was like; well duh! total newb mistake!

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