BM2 Audio Wav Exporting Problem

Whats going on guys, in having trouble with my BM2 and exporting audio files. I recently exported few loops that i have mad in BM2. drop-boxed it. The idea was to chop them up in FL Studio and make a full beat out of them. Everything goes as it should. How ever when i select the chopped loop in th channel rack in fl studio and hit the keys on the midi keyboard or the pc keyboard it wont play the loop but instead it'll give me a low deep rumbling distorted sound. But if i click on the sound and then click the wave file inside of that box where you can normalize and tighten up the sounds and so on it'll play as it should. The loop is 2-4 bars long but when i drag it on to song mode it end up being 96 bars. Wort part is , it still tony play and give me that deep distorted rumbling sound. This doesn't happen-with any other apps exported wav files , including the purchased kits that i exported through iTunes anyone know why this is happening?


  • Can you send me a link to one of the wave files so i can have a little look ?

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