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Ok I can’t find anything for requests on the forum hope it hasn’t been mentioned yet or I’m possibly blind to it but a search bar for the folders in bm3 would be great. Example can’t remember where a sample is but it has a name on the pads but no tags but a search bar in folders could do a quick search.


  • If you know the sample's name, can't you go into the Browser (3 lines in upper-left), click on the Find icon (magnifying glass), and search there? Narrow your search by selecting the SAMPLES tab just above the Search textbox. Click Edit to see the where the sample lives.

    Or you could use the Apple Files app, navigate to "On My iPad", then Beatmaker 3, & search up top. Sort by Date in the column.

    But if you don't know the sample name, I don't know short of backing up BM3 in it's entirety to a PC, and sort by modified date.

    Sidenote: Be careful if using the Apple Files App to search for a sample within BM3's directory, because if you tap on a sample in the Files App, it moves (not copies) that sample from it's current location and places it in the Samples Folder. Instead, you must tap-&-hold the sample to share it.

  • Yeah having to hit edit and the locate yourself makes the magnifying glass a bit of pita for sure, we definitely need a search for documents tab, so when you have results you can tap one and it would open its location, that would be slick
    Oh and a way to disable the tag tab, or an option to make the document tab default :)

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