Egoist updated to AUV3. Let the games begin !

One of the best iOS music apps around, after beatmaker 3 of course, is now AUV3.

FUN, I feel like kissing a random stranger.



  • Ah jeez. Getting this the second my direct deposit hits next Friday.

  • <-- random stranger

  • @ronji said:
    Ah jeez. Getting this the second my direct deposit hits next Friday.

    You will have so much fun especially being Mr jungle drum n bass it’s right up your street.

  • The file system seems buggy now though. More than half of my samples don't show up as it looks like there is a file cap. It just stops at a certain number.

    Looks like they really need to do a fix.

  • Plus you can't import in the AU. Need to do it in standalone then re-run the host for the sample to show up... if it even does. Also it seems like you need to set up iCloud if you want to manage your files. They really should just have regular Files support. I really don't want to have to give Apple money for using Egoist, heh, would rather give it to Sugar Bytes.

  • Can we get a screengrab and install size from someone please.

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    I know the download is just shy of 500mb, but no idea how big the footprint is after install (and not yet convinced to drop £30 in order to to find out ;))

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    Its ok, i want the original size, its not the size, its dropbox.

    That scrolling for the UI is a bit disappointing !!

  • Heh, no scrolling this way ;)

  • @MSandoval looks like it is 128 samples

  • OK, now i'm confused, can i get a screengrab of the default view from someone please :)

  • Im not really explaining myself for sure.
    Can i get a screen grab of the plugin as soon as it is loaded, with the B3 keyboard.

    Then can somebody explain to me how @Audiogus sreengrab shows a much smaller version that does not need scrolling ?

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    @5pinlink many of the newer AUv3 plugins can scale to different widths, so Audiogus is demonstrating that by opening the left panel you force the plugin to shrink a little and therefore is able show more vertical space. You can do the same thing with Sunrizer - it just makes some of the dials a little smaller to grab :)

    Older plugins will just stubbornly stay at a predetermined width and height, so for these you will occasionally need to scroll. I think Poison-202 works this way, for example.

    Others still take a more modular approach, and will redraw and even reposition elements based on the available canvas width/height. A few examples of this type are Synthmaster One, and the new RE-1 by Kai Aras.

  • Ahhh OK, my lack of plugin buying went against me there i guess, I have no plugins that do that.

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    I think the best way to categorize the types of plugin UI is as follows...

    1. Fixed
    2. Scalable
    3. Responsive
  • 3 Would be Responsive

  • Thanks. Updated above

  • Here is an IAA era vid showing how you can use the Egoist transient detector with BM3 ‘slice to pads’ karate chop action...

  • Can somebody post the deafult view of this in B3 ?
    I have the extended view above, but need the small view too

  • @MSandoval said:

    Dayum son, you gotta hide that keyboard.

  • @MSandoval said:
    @5pinlink Moved the default 'small view' photo (w/ keyboard) to the AUi/Compatability category thread:

    This view gives you the draggable areas on the left & right.

    Cheers dude :)

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    @MSandoval said:
    Well, I've been abusing Egoist AU in BM3, and it's been stable, not quite rock-solid, but very stable considering what it's capable of. BM3+Egoist are an amazing combo! The Bass unit's sequencer sends MIDI out (& AU MIDI too but we'll have to wait for that). Plus playing the slices via BM3's pads (shown in Audiogus' video above) is fun.

    Looks like Files app support, increasing the sample limit >128, etc., may be coming in the next update. No timeframe mentioned. Got this via email.

    The current iCloud Drive storage solution is now easier to copy files from AudioShare/BM3/Documents to Egoist's User Sample folder (since iCloud Drive is visible in the Files App), but true Files app support would be nice. Anyway, amazing combo.

    It truly is incredible. My setup is egoist + bm3 + model 15 (and one or two other alternating synths like synthmaster etc. ) The egoist bass and drums are so underrated and powerful as duck.

    The shit I’m coming out with nowadays is crazy since I’ve mastered those three, rather than spreading myself across a million synths.

    Ps your banks of instruments and drums are REALLY good. So generous of you and much appreciated.

  • @TONBOGIRI said:
    Yeah, it's tough now that AUv3 is taking off. Lots of distractions but it's fun. Addicting but at least it's manageable, unlike my past Eurorack addiction (the average iOS app is $10, the average Euro module is $300).

    But nowadays I could get by with just BM3+Egoist+zMors Modular. Plus the sample banks. Just a hobby these days.

    A hobby these days ? Were you in a ‘professional’ capacity before ? (One of your banks totally inspired a new song for me - thanks again )

  • I have no interest in Eurorack, other than Rossum Audios Morpheus, I wish he would release that as AUv3 !

  • I must check out the zMors...

  • @TONBOGIRI said:
    Ahhh, the legendary, often-talked about EMU digital filters. No control over Q, a bit flat & lifeless sounding to me. They're basically like 200 versions of simple EQ tweaks.
    I'll take the digital filters in the Waldorf Microwave II over EMU any day of the week. Or Yamaha. Or 6 used Doepfer analog filters.

    They are the latest generation of the morphing filters from the 6400, the holy grail of DnB basslines when modulated.

  • @TONBOGIRI said:
    @5pinlink my fault is I was never a huge filter-head. :s I was always the type who prefers 'complex-oscillators', so we'd definitely get in brawls at the pub. :D

    Oh and for the money, the Eowave Fluctuations Magnétiques for $180 on sale is THE bargain in Euro. 4x 12db p/oct. multi-mode filters: LFP, HPF, & Bandpass (6db). Can make a 48db LPF/HPF filter, or 24db vowel filters. Nobody talks about it since it's not Mutable, Intellijel, or Make Noise.

    Like i say, no real interest in eurorack, i prefer software lol, but i would like rossums filters, maybe one day i can get Emulator X or something.

  • Wow. The new transient slicer and Egoist are a match made in heaven. Once Effectrix AU is out... my oh my...

  • @Audiogus you're always a step ahead of me... how are you using egoist with bm3's transient slicer?

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