recording vocals with bm3

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In my beat maker2 app I was able to use an external mic and mic modeling to record vocals . But in Beat maker 3 it only allows me to use the built in mic. Is there a way to fix this?


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    You choose the input you want to use before you record, B3 can use any audio interface or audio device that is attached and working on your iPad.
    If you are recording to an audio track, long press the mixer channel header or track number in the arranger, you will see audio input in the dropdown menu.
    If you are recording to a pad, you will see the audio source selector at the top of the record panel.

    A quick video example...

  • Yeah but what happens when you plug in the mic and it doesn’t show you the mic as an option believe I’ve been through the process but have yet to see the external mic I plugged in show up as an option

  • What are you plugging it in to ?

  • Compared to bm2’s setup and how it actually makes your external mic an option. I can’t help but to be annoyed by bm3’s inability to do so, my thought is nothing wrong with improvement if it’s actually an improvement. I find myself creating the track with bm3 then exporting to bm2 to record vocals.

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    External mic works fine, here is another video of me selecting an external mic as an input.

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