Klevgrand releases ‘GoToEQ' (AUv3 Parametric EQ)

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Seems like we are spoiled for choice with AUv3 parametric EQs these days.

This latest one is inspired by vintage Pultec passive rack EQs, and features dynamic attenuation for the mid-bands. It looks quite attractive too :)


...oh, and it's currently 50% off at £9.99/$9.99


  • Bit slow, been in the compatibility list for 12 hours lol.
    Definitely looks like a nice plugin, pultec sweet spot is very very subtle tweaking though, worth keeping that in mind.

  • What's Pultec?

  • Pultec is a manufacturer, their famous EQ (EQp-1a) is what this is sort of based on/spawned from, it has a similar set of controls, the boost and attenuate at the same frequencies gives some nice curves.

    It wont give you anything a nice parametric cant do already, but it might get you to a ton of sweet spots quicker.
    Then again, Klevgrand have gone for continual frequency dials rather than set frequencies, so im not sure it will be much quicker than a parametric to be honest.

  • This definitely needs some further discussion. When you're blending 4 or 5 synths and you get that soul melting "sweet spot," in the mix -- look out. That's what those good speakers are for. Someone walk into the room be like damn son, you made this track? Mmmmmm.....

    Then you bob your head all stoked and claim that moment: yes i make ishht like this. And you thought I was just a nerd. Hah, take that!

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