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I'm trying to configure my iRig Keys 37 in BM3. I tried the midi focus action thing, but it let me assign just 16 or 64 keys. It's dessigned for pads more than keys. How to use the iRig keys with BM3?


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    Forget focus actions.
    You have two ways to do it
    1 Omni - Go to options, settings and behaviours, audio & midi, route all MIDI to selected pad (Omni)
    When this is on, all MIDI coming in to the app will go to the selected pad, so if you have a synth loaded on to a pad, selwct the pad, the synth will receive the MIDI.
    Most people prefer to have this set to off and use number 2 or/and 3.

    2 Go to your bank settings (three dots after the bank name in pad view/sampler view or long press track/bank number on the track in arranger or the channel header in the mixer) you will see a MIDI setup option, in there you can choose to have your MIDI input from the keys to that bank.
    Notice here the single channel and multi channel option.
    Single channel - This sends all notes to the corresponding pad number ignoring MIDI channel, so a middle c will trigger pad number 59, because middle c is MIDI note number 60 (notice the pad number is 1 less than MIDI note number, pads are numbered from 1-128, MIDI notes are numbered 0-127)
    Multi channel - MIDI channel triggers the corresponding pad, so notes sent on MIDI channel 1 will trigger pad 1, notes sent on MIDI channel 2 will trigger pad 2 etc etc.

    3 Go to your pad settings (three dots after pad name in sampler view or long press pad channel header in mixer, note, to get to pad channels, double tap bank header in mixer and it expands to show the pads sub mixer) again this has MIDI setup option just for that pad.

  • Heres a quick video

  • I tried different settings on the midi setup but it doesn't work. I'll try with another synth, I'm trying Synth One right now. On Cubasis works like a charm, but I want to use BM3!

  • Tried method 2, it work with other synths. My first C key sound low and hi pitch at the same time :p

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