Selected track for recording skips tracks mid-recording

Hi, currently auditioning BM3 on a friend's iPad. Digging it but experiencing some bugginess. One problem I have now experienced twice is that while recording onto, say, A1 with the Ashe Kit, BM will swich to recording on B1 in the middle of a take (or vice versa). And the behavior will keep happening until I delete the pattern.

I AM using BM3 with an external controller, but so far all I have done as far as MIDI focus actions is set up the 64 pad assignments and assigned buttons on the controler to play, record, ff, rw, stop, and metronome. So I am not sure if any stray MIDI messages might be causing this. Actually I DO think that the first time I had the issue, I was not using the external controller.

I am sorry if I am missing something obvious or if I did not search the forums well enough. I tried a number of searches with no luck. Thanks.


  • Hi! I had this happen in earlier versions of BM3, so please make sure your friend's iPad has the latest version.
    And I do recall reading about this issue a while back - here's the thread:

    IIRC, when it happened to me, the solution was to save everything, force-close BM3, & restart BM3. I believe it was because I had something highlighted in B1's Pattern Editor (aka Piano Roll). Or MIDI Omni ON with a Yamaha MIDI controller attached (that constantly sends out lots of uneeded MIDI data)....But I could be wrong.

    Also, make sure to review the MIDI sections of the BM3 manual (Page 68+), and especially the last pages of the manual (Page 108+).
    Here's it is:
    And this forum's Support page:

  • Thank you!

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