Troublemaker App (303 acid emulation)

Anyone using Troublemaker? Thinking about purchasing it to get my Acid flex on. Thoughts? B)



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    It's awesome.

    It's by @brambos - what did you expect?

  • Works well in BM3?

  • It work's well with BM3, but it works the best with Rozeta Bassline for sequencing, which is currently not working well in BM3. But you can still sequence it "traditionally".

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    Yeah, you can still program it just fine using regular midi notes/patterns, just remember to lower your note velocity below FIXED 127 otherwise every note with have ACCENT on

  • Troublemaker is awesome. I'm just starting on electronic music and I have to say that is my main inspiration on basslines. I just use a small midi controller to get what I want.

  • Love Troublemaker (also don't forget to overlap notes!), but there's a good 303 sample bank in Resources.

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    I love that app (and all Bram Bos apps really) and the sound it makes is immense .. I really love it! .. but unfortunately I can't really use it usefully in a real life context because it doesn't have a fine tune dial. Fuck!!

    It comes out now and then for a play around but all the music work I do these days is accompanying overtone instruments of arbitrary pitch that can't (easily/realistically) be tuned. Damn!! No less love for Bram's apps, but a bit heart-wrenching that this one can't come out to play.

    (luckily, BM3 is fantastic for adapting tuning to unconventional reference pitches and is really a joy to use in this way!)

  • Some videos on using Troublemaker with BM3 would be fantastic :D

  • Probs best to use it as IAA for now and later switch to AU in combination with Rozeta Bassline (when the 3.1 update hits).

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    I wouldn't advise using anything as IAA, I am so glad that the developer of Nanostudio has removed it entirely.
    Having said that, if you want to use its sequencer before B3 supports Rozetta again, then as @OscarSouth suggests, you have to run it as IAA, a nice trick is to get the patterns you want, then save them to MIDI, reload as AU and use the MIDI patterns direct in B3.

    Personally i just create a ton of patterns in TB and save them for re-use later, save them to a folder of that particular key, then i can use them with whatever plugin i like, unfortunately B3 doesn't have a very good media browser right now, so using samples and MIDI files is all a bit of guesswork, but hopefully that will get updated.

    @brambos any chance we can get a namer on the save to files for MIDI, otherwise we have to just keep using keep both and then go to files and rename after the fact.

  • Finally got around to buying it. Its good but there's no tuning knob it appears unlike a 303. Am I missing something?

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    Well yeah, you are missing the fact that the tune knob on a 303 is because it goes out of tune fairly regularly, the software doesn’t, most people see that as an advantage, but hey, each to their own.

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    I was about to reply and say the same thing as Win (eg "Tuning is not required for something that is always in tune")

    ...Then I remembered a few producers use the original 303 Tune dial as another teakable modulation. Although this only really works on very simple 'acid + 808' tracks, because as soon as you have another tuned instrument (such as a bass part) then changing the tuning of the 303 will clash badly.

    I'm trying to remember if Josh Wink's "Higher state of consciousness" ever made use of the tune dial.

    Brb.. just checking on YouTube...

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    Sure enough...

    He cranks the Tune dial all over the place for the 'freak out' section starting at 4:04

  • My ears must be worse than i thought, all i hear there is the glide in a sequence

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    I've no idea how he actually did it, but can definitely hear the tuning of the 303 change by a range of around 2 octaves, and it sounds to me like a hand on a rotary dial.

    I'm very happy to be corrected by someone who's more familiar with 303s ( @Insomniak ?)

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    Well i have owned three of them, but i'm not sure i would say i was familiar, but the tune dial on a 303 is +- 7 semis, sometimes +-8, sometimes +- 6, I have had all three, so if you are hearing two octaves (I am too) I would say that is sequencing and most likely a DevilFish range extender mod, or a MIDI mod with octave fix.

  • Anyone know how to get into the controls in Troublemaker when loaded into BM3 so I can map them to a midi controller?

  • Via Macros is the only way at the moment @The_Bro

    Step 1 - map the plugin parameters to any available Macro
    Step 2 - use Focus Actions to map a dial on your controller to that Macro

  • Oh okay cool. I don't think I'm gonna remember that so bare with me if I ask that question later on a second time lol.

  • No problem.

    It's a common request, so I'm putting it into my book with screenshots.

    I've already written draft instructions for the process, just need to tidy it up a bit and add the images.

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    Personally I recommend mapping your controller to focus actions first. Then you know this knob is always macro 1, and this knob is macro 2, etc. Then when you're working on a track you can either use that knob to control what was already set up on macro 1 on that bank, or you can set macro 1 to control something new on that bank. At least until midi mapping is updated and fixed.

  • Ronji is right. Once you get a taste for hardware control, you'll start to want macros mapped in all your sessions. The good news is that once you've mapped your controller using focus actions, it remains mapped in all projects you open.

    What MIDI controller are you planning to use @The_Bro ? Does it have 8 dials?

  • Hi y’all!! I’m in love with the 303 Troublemaker EXCEPT for the problem I’m having where I can’t seem to get my Korg NanoStudio to control the (most crucial) Cutoff & Res. dials. It controls a couple, like punch and decay but not much else. I see people talking “macros” but where do you create them, what app? Is there a controller reassignment function in Troublemaker or the Korg midi app? Please help me be able to tweak my acid squeals and growl! xo

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    @tk32 said:
    Ronji is right. Once you get a taste for hardware control, you'll start to want macros mapped in all your sessions. The good news is that once you've mapped your controller using focus actions, it remains mapped in all projects you open.

    What MIDI controller are you planning to use @The_Bro ? Does it have 8 dials?

    I have the Evolution UC33 (see image below) so yeah plenty of knobs lol. That said am planning on getting the Akai LPD8 Wireless.

  • I tried to record some tweaking for the first time using Troublemaker and it didn't work. Any thoughts @tk32 ?

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    Could you hear or see the tweaking?

    Bear in mind your tweaks won't record unless record automation is enabled (it's off by default)

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