Troublemaker App (303 acid emulation)

Anyone using Troublemaker? Thinking about purchasing it to get my Acid flex on. Thoughts? B)


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    It's awesome.

    It's by @brambos - what did you expect?

  • Works well in BM3?

  • It work's well with BM3, but it works the best with Rozeta Bassline for sequencing, which is currently not working well in BM3. But you can still sequence it "traditionally".

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    Yeah, you can still program it just fine using regular midi notes/patterns, just remember to lower your note velocity below FIXED 127 otherwise every note with have ACCENT on

  • Troublemaker is awesome. I'm just starting on electronic music and I have to say that is my main inspiration on basslines. I just use a small midi controller to get what I want.

  • Love Troublemaker (also don't forget to overlap notes!), but there's a good 303 sample bank in Resources.

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    I love that app (and all Bram Bos apps really) and the sound it makes is immense .. I really love it! .. but unfortunately I can't really use it usefully in a real life context because it doesn't have a fine tune dial. Fuck!!

    It comes out now and then for a play around but all the music work I do these days is accompanying overtone instruments of arbitrary pitch that can't (easily/realistically) be tuned. Damn!! No less love for Bram's apps, but a bit heart-wrenching that this one can't come out to play.

    (luckily, BM3 is fantastic for adapting tuning to unconventional reference pitches and is really a joy to use in this way!)

  • Some videos on using Troublemaker with BM3 would be fantastic :D

  • Probs best to use it as IAA for now and later switch to AU in combination with Rozeta Bassline (when the 3.1 update hits).

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    I wouldn't advise using anything as IAA, I am so glad that the developer of Nanostudio has removed it entirely.
    Having said that, if you want to use its sequencer before B3 supports Rozetta again, then as @OscarSouth suggests, you have to run it as IAA, a nice trick is to get the patterns you want, then save them to MIDI, reload as AU and use the MIDI patterns direct in B3.

    Personally i just create a ton of patterns in TB and save them for re-use later, save them to a folder of that particular key, then i can use them with whatever plugin i like, unfortunately B3 doesn't have a very good media browser right now, so using samples and MIDI files is all a bit of guesswork, but hopefully that will get updated.

    @brambos any chance we can get a namer on the save to files for MIDI, otherwise we have to just keep using keep both and then go to files and rename after the fact.

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