iOS12 and BM3?

With iOS12 just around to corner (release date will be announced on 12th of September) and most likely a bunch of new iPads the question about BM3's compatibility is something I'm curious about.

I've have intentionally stayed clear of iOS12 betas so I have no clue as to how well the current release (3.0.10) of BM3 runs on iOS12? (I'm equally worried about the state of Renoise and macOS Mojave).

So what are the reports regarding BM3 from those brave souls that have already installed iOS12 on their devices?

Once the final release of iOS12 drops I will be installing it on my iPad Air 2 and also do some 'house keeping' on it...
(If it breaks BM3 3.0.10 I'll just have to be patient and hope the long overdue 3.1 update will bring back the peace).



  • good question, I will be checking this often

  • Maybe this is what's keeping 3.1 back?

    Really I'm just channelling my impatience into false hope, but you never know..

  • At some point I do hope @mathieugarcia will shed some light on the state of things :)

  • edited September 2018

    There is a thread for this already ?

    B3 Runs fine, IOS 12 is pretty much no different at all to 11.

  • I can't comment on 3.1 directly, but i can say that Beatmaker is most certainly still fully supported.

  • With the new iPhone specs announced today, I’d LOVE to run BM3 on one of those new big ol’ iPhones. 512 gb storage!

    Any word on if/when we’ll ever see an iPhone version?

  • I updated to ios 12 beta and have been using BM3 (and several plug ins) without issue

  • I updated to iOS 12 yesterday after seeing this

    I was able to open several high CPU sessions back to back before an AU crashed (around 12 sessions). I can confirm BM3 works on iOS 12 along with the following AUs:
    Zeeon, Model 15, Kaspar, Phospor 2, KQ Dixie, LayR, Tera, Synthmaster One, Volt, Noise, bs-16i, Quanta, Kauldron, Syntronik, and iSymphonic all work fine as AU. Effects that I’ve used and work fine loading up are DAW LP & Cassette, EOS 2, Dubstation2, Discord4, Replicant 2, ADverb2, FAC Chorus, RX950, DLYM, Lo-Fly Dirt, RF1, RP1. All running on iOS 12 with iPad Pro 10.5 inch.

  • Woohoo! For the past 15 minutes I have been randomly preset swapping five instances of Synthmaster One on my 2017 ipad. Previously I could only do this with three instances. I quit and reloaded BM3/Synthmaster One several times and it loads everything just fine and even much faster than before. It seems like they must have improved memory allocation even for 2gig devices.

  • Nice. Perhaps I will update tonight after all.

    (Just don't tell @hansjbs I said this)

  • Don't tell me what????👀

  • That I faltered on my earlier statement about not updating for the first month ;)

  • There is an older thread from the start of the Beta, started by somebody or other, anyway that dude has done extensive testing on Mini 2, works better than 11

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