Pattern automation cannot be different for several patterns from the same bank

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I created two identical patterns of 1 bar from the same bank but cannot get two different volume automations (one for each pattern)
Indeed by switching between the 2 patterns created the previous volume automation from the pattern number one is overwritten by the new volume automation of the pattern 2

It might already be reported to you or does a workaround exist please?

Thank you



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    I am not getting that behaviour here ?

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    Thanks a lot for your reply and video.
    Actually it helped me to adjust my workflow by setting my pattern in either the song tab and/or the song mode so that avoid to get the display issue.

    Indeed you’ll see at the end of my video that if you tap in the left pattern list bar on one pattern with pattern automation open and switch on another pattern of the list, then the pattern automation is not refreshed. It displays the automation associated to the previous chosen pattern.
    It.s not a big deal but you have to tap on pattern midi for instance and tap back to the pattern automation from the bottom of the screen to get the good display of the pattern automation.

    See below in my video link:
    00:00 Song mode OK (pattern 1 with Vol increase and pattern 2 with Vol decrease)
    0:23 Scene mode OK
    0:49 pattern tab switch shows the display refresh issue

    HD Quality video now:

  • Yeah that looks like a bug to me, good catch.

  • There are several places in the app that don't get refreshed or display empty content until you toggle it off and back on or closed and back open. Definitely UI bugs

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