Unklepop DRUM (AUv3 drum machine)

Only $1.99/£1.99 so go pick this one up.


Still not sure whether the sounds are synthesized or ROMpler, but for that price I am installing it as I type....

Screenshot and info to follow shortly


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    You play each 'kit' (there are 7, see below) chromatically via midi, and you cycle through each sound in the kit via the UI if you want to tweak individual characteristics


    • DM 9
    • DM 8 (A)
    • DM 8 (B)
    • DM 2 (A)
    • DM 2 (B)
    • DM X (A)
    • DM X (B)
  • Anyone fancy using it to do a cover of this?

  • Why can't I find any videos of this thing in action? Can someone do one?

  • Tell you what.. I'll send you $2 by PayPal and you can lay down some tasty rhythms in a video.

    You may even get featured on Discchord again :p

  • If you don't mind waiting I'll do a little screen record when I get home in an hour or so.

  • Ha! Maybe that should be my new business plan. =p Looking forward to seeing/hearing it!

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    Here's a quick test/demo (screen record):

    Especially for @ronji <3

  • @tk32 :love: seems worth $2 for sure

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    For some weird reason, this has just been reduced to $0.99

    It's not going to set the world on fire, sure, but if you haven't already picked this up (on the strength of my demo, of course!) then you really should throw a dollar at unklepop at least so he can keep the electricity running long enough to hopefully build more AUv3 plugins in the future.

  • The app page on my iPad now says it's an early bird sale. Guess you got the "fully supportive early bird" special hahaha. Just picked it up!

  • @tk32 Hahaha nice! Well deserved, it was a good demo! And it's probably the first video ever made of this plug-in!

  • Does this use samples - it sounds like it? :smile:

  • It's not exactly clear, but I think it probably does use samples as a starting point

    Still not bad for 99p

  • The official website says it "uses virtual analog sound modeling techniques to produce a rich sound" whatever that means

  • Definitely can hear samples in there lol. Sounds like Linn Drum or Oberheim DMX samples!!

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