909 day B3 Style :)

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I will make presets and add it to forum resources folder (FYI this is just a single cycle)


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    :+1: :mrgreen:

  • Atomic! 😁

  • That's one helluva sound design feat from a single cycle of a sine wave! Damn!
    Hmmm, can a snare, hats, cymbals, etc. be made from a few more layers too???
    If Roland could make the 808 & 909 drums using a few basic analog circuits....

  • You could use this for 808 too, i just set up one particular part specifically for 909, it would only be tweaking one pitch envelope dial for 808.

  • Have you tried to make a snare or clap from 1 or more SCWs?
    I'm thinking 1 entire drumkit from SCWs...

  • Yeah its all easy enough.

  • Sound design challenge/battle/deathmatch?

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