Loaded Banks Disappear

I used two banks of the Ludwig kit and one bank that I made of latin percussion samples in a song. After adding a factory bank for bass and synth, I went back to the Ludwig and latin bank pads to find them “gone” (BM3 says they are loaded, but all the pads are blank (no color) and pressing them produces no sound (note repeat is NOT on, by the way). Strangely, the MIDI clips I recorded are still triggering the “missing” banks when the transport plays. I searched for the same issue in this forum but I must have missed it if someone else reported it. I’d really like to rescue this project if possible so I can finish it. Any help greatly appreciated.


  • update: just opened the project and everything is back as it should be. restarting and rebooting yesterday several times didn’t change anything, but this morning it’s all back. Weird.

  • Can you post some screenshots or a video? I'm wondering if you're just not looking at the pads you think you're looking at.

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