How to get around not freezing tracks

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I am new to bm3 so I may be missing something obvious.

Can a single AU be used with two different presets in the same bank or using the same instance in two separate banks.

If I load two AU synths the engine can no longer handle the load. I am finding the use of one synth with one set of parameters way too limiting.

Otherwise great app!

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  • Which AU are you using?

    It's perfectly fine to load multiple AUs onto the same bank, for example: Load a synth onto Bank A Pad 1, Load another copy of the same synth onto Bank A Pad 2, then perhaps even load a different AU onto Bank A Pad 3 etc..

    Some users like to build their whole track on one Bank (for live performance reasons) but I usually keep it to one instrument per bank

  • I am using Zeeon and Synthmaster one. As soon as I add more than one I get loads of crackling.

  • Yeah, both of those synths are very CPU consuming.
    I'm using an iPad AIR 2, and I can load both of those, but certainly adding more will push the CPU very hard.

    I get around this by rendering everything to audio.

    Also, raising Beatmaker 3's buffer settings to higher numbers can help, but at the loss of tight latency...

    The more powerful your iPad is, the more you can run at one time without the crackles.

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    Also, some synths are generally lower in CPU consumption than others.
    Sunrizer is a lower CPU synth that still sounds great imho...

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    Sunrizer is a great tip for a low CPU synth. Poison-202 is also pretty efficient

    Some synths I'd be cautious with (if you have a less powerful iPad):

    • Anything by Moog :(
    • Synthmaster One
    • Zeeon
    • Anything that is IAA

    By all means use them in your tracks, but consider rendering to audio once the track builds up in complexity.. and definitely don't have multiple instances running

    @DeanDaughters - hope you're throwing an entry into the latest battle. Deadline is 16th :)

  • +1 for Poison-202! <3

    @tk32 - as a matter of fact, i'm working on an idea for it right now to see if it is doable.
    I've been crazy busy trying to get some new things things set up in here - but I really want to try this idea, so i'm hoping my session today works out! WOOT! 🤗😁👊

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    Nothing was working for me for TWO WEEKS - then something just clicked, and I finished 90% of my entry in 2 straight hours. I'm sending creative vibes straight from London to California B)

    @newcassette sorry for highjacking your thread bro. Hopefully you can find a way to still be creative — even with those beastly CPU-heavy synths :)

  • @tk32 Limitations breed creativity or so they say :smiley:

  • I'll check out Poison and Sunrizer thanks. Phosphor 2 also looks interesting, looks to be low on CPU too

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    You should check out Jakob Haq's YouTube videos on Phosphor 2.

    I own it, but hardly ever use it in my tracks. The sound is a little too digital and abrasive for me, and the presets are... unfortunately... meh.

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