Discord User Chat Room now available

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Discord Chat - Click here

It has an app, just install it and you will be in the chat room.

Download app for IOS/Android/Mac/Windows/Linux here

Thanks to @TONBOGIRI @ronji @tk32 @huphtur



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    Cleaned the thread, lets start again in the year 2018 then hahaha

  • Pretty sure this Discord is the keeper for now, so stickying the thread for a little while.

  • Cool. I'm in the room. :)

    Come join the chat

  • Discord visitors (so far) include:
    @5pinlink, @tk32, @huphtur, @ronji, @Xyl_Run

    Come join the chat :)

  • Is that for off-topic discussion?

  • Chat about whatever you want

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    For those who haven't joint the chat yet, I just wanted to let you know that you're missing out on all kinds of cool stuff, such as..

    • live bug testing/reports
    • iOS12 feedback and compatibility news
    • Mefisme's exciting new project
    • Huphtur's favorite gabber tracks
    • toilet humour
    • Board games
    • 5pin learns 'what is a Cardi B’
    • Discussion about other DAWs (without any bloodshed)
    • Gamechangers
  • There are 11 users in the chat so far

  • Gabber, not gabba. Big difference (if you're Dutch).

  • The above invite has expired

  • Here's a fresh one I set to never expire

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    The first one was set to never expire ?????
    I have recreated it as permanent again, but we are goiing to need to keep an eye on it.

  • Dunno man, it’s expired now. Not sure why.

  • @ronji said:
    Dunno man, it’s expired now. Not sure why.

    I have an idea, possibly when i changed the name of the chat yesterday ;)

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