Features i need on BM3 + Issues

Hi, this is Tahsin Shahrukh speaking as Shaq, from France.
I am new to the community, but been following Beatmaker app since the very first beta, but still need days of practice to know the BM3 better.

I didn't check the other posts yet, i'm just about to do it once this one is posted, so my apologies.

I get a couple issues while working on projects, and sometimes it breaks the magnificent BM3 workflow, and lose concentration on my creative process.

Just to give one example :
I add 2 audio tracks (Audio 1 and Audio 2)
I add Voloco plugin (autotune) on Audio 1 which takes a lot of cpu ressource, i'm sure
Once done recording on Audio 1, I cannot add the Voloco plugin on Audio 2, because it's busy on Audio 1.
So i look after the bounce in place but couldn't find it.

This is why i came here to request options we need :
1 - Bounce in place any audio region (when is it coming ?)
2 - Freeze tracks (since we don't have this feature, we can't make a correct bounce when lot of plugs loaded)
3 - Drag and drop audio regions (i don't understand why we can't move region from audio 1 to audio 2 as both tracks are AUDIO tracks.. still wondering why this isn't possible)

At this time i have a couple projects with
1 bank track
2 bank tracks with plugs loaded (rhodes and bass)
2 audio tracks with vocals recorded with Voloco plugin loaded ONLY on the first audio

Can't add more than 4 audio tracks i think.

Hope someone can guide me !
My setup configuration :

  • iPad Pro 12,9
  • Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 (audio interface)
  • Arturia Minilab mkii (midi controller)
  • Blue Microphone xlr phantom plugged with my audio interface
  • Beatmaker 3 and all apps up to date.
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