Best strategy for using bm3 live

Hi all,
New to bm3 ..and new to iOS. Ha!
I’m a drummer wanting to use bm3 live with my yammy multipad. I’m setting it up now. Basically using bm3 like a sampler with the most awesome real-time time stretch ever! I tap a pedal for tempo and so far it’s working great!
But how can I call up banks via midi to switch between songs? Don’t think I can have all the banks I need in ram at the same time.
And since I’m not ..yet...playing any sequence in bm3 I don’t hit play. Could that cause any problems when playing for extended periods? Some buffer things?
And is there any optimization’s I should do with iOS while playing live? Ex. Do I need to turn off wireless in the iPad? Notifications?
And lastly,for now,😀 , I am thoroughly blown away at how great bm3 is! I been using daws and before that sequencers since the 80s...and bm3//iPad Air1 has really surprised me. In the 90s I had a Mpc 60 rig with modules, Fx box’s, Simmons digital mixer..etc. And I had a box called aphex studio clock..still have it....that would listen to my kick and snare and spit midi clock. It worked! But too much xtra gear to lug.
When midi clock sync comes back to bm3 I’m breaking it out😀 right now I’m using Link to Midi to send clock to my Yamaha hw sequencer.
Oh yeah, do I NEED Audiobus or aum? I’m doing ok so far, but I’m such an iOS noob. But I’m learning.🎶

Edit..using an iconnectivity audio 4+....anything I should know about there? Seems ok so far...I see 10 ms latency with a 128 buffer set in bm3.


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