Midiflow or midifire

Seen some old posts about these two apps. Any current opinions? Bm3/iPad air1,,,live use.


  • I don't have both. I have used Midiflow in the past with BM3 but the ways I used it are no longer relevant as BM3 was updated with new midi features. The Midiflow dev was super helpful.

  • I don’t have the Midifire app but I do have StreamByter which is the AU code module of Midifire and its very impressive. Smarter people than I cook up these code recipients and share them to do some really fun midi things. I’ll see if I can find a couple of threads about it.

    What were you hoping to achieve with the apps?

  • Hi,
    Mostly a midi toolkit type of deal. Like, when using lp5. It responds to program changes, but my hardware box sends out a bank select, along with PC which lp5 interprets as a volume command.
    And I was always a logic enviourment nut:-)

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