Bank not sounding through master out unless solo'd -- Anyone help me out here? (Sorted)

edited October 2018 in Support

I was working on a session when my audio interface lost power. I restarted the session after sorting it out and there's no sound through the main master out (sound still working through other system outputs but no sound from or movement of the master channel). If I 'solo' the bank I want to play (this project only has one bank) then the bank will be sounded like normal.

Anyone got a quick suggestion to get this session working normally again? Usual things like rebooting etc. didn't have any effect.


Edit -- Rebooted everything all at the same time including powering off iPad and turning everything off at the wall etc. (standard 'troubleshooting' procedures). Seems to have sorted it out so no problem. Maybe useful to leave this here as a 'bug report'? Otherwise can be removed.

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