New sample track created in Beatmaker 3


  • is that flanging sound a sample or an effect?

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    Looking at the video closely, it appears to be a sample from this track which has been heavily processed externally with EQ and phase modulation (and possibly other) effects.

    Having said this, there are a couple of third party Phaser AUv3 effects available

  • Eagle ears.

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    I like your psychedelic use of long samples.
    Submit something for this beat battle, there's some cuts there for you to use:

  • Not bad. I guess its only a clip. Dunno not really my vibe if I'm honest though. The snare seemed a bit harsh to my ears with the resolution high up. :-)

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    Whoa - so you're able to turn up the resolution too?

    I guess you must have one of these magic dials like me ;)

    I got mine in an auction of props from the CSI tv series. They used to use it on CCTV footage whenever they couldn't make out the pixelated faces of criminals.

  • Ha ha I meant Resonance lol. Had a bit of brain freeze!!!

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