Program change in BM3??? Help if you can...

Hey all, I emailed the developer few times with no reply, so I’ll try here. I have an app that can send Midi program change messages- but I don’t know how and if BM3 can accept those. Basically, I’m running a drum trigger module connected to my iPad- the iPad is running “BandHelper” that can send PC to any port and can change banks according to the song. Chosen. Program change would be the obvious solution, but so far I couldn’t work it out. I’d love for some help. Thanks!


  • Hey sica !

    Program Changes MIDI messages are not currently supported in BM3.
    This would definitely be a good feature to add.

    Cheers, Mathieu.

  • Spitballing because i havent tested and im away from pad right now, have you tried loading kits on to a single pad instead of across pads, then use omni mode and use MIDI focus action to go up an down selected bank ?

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    Not sure if this helps, but I just made a quick video which shows me switching between the current bank with midi commands. And because midi is set to omni mode whichever bank is active receives incoming midi notes.

    You'll see at the start of the video i have used the focus actions to configure Next bank and Previous bank to 2 spare buttons on my Nanokey Studio Bluetooth keyboard

    Note - pay close attention to the meter reading in the bottom left corner. It changes from blue to green when I press the next bank midi button, and then changes back to blue when I press previous bank.

  • FYI @mefisme tested and focus actions dont MIDI learn PC, so either you need to send a different MIDI message as above, or use a MIDI filter before B3 and change the PC to a different message ;)

  • If there was a way for program change to also change tempo, of clips and/or of the timeline itself, then we’d be set!

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