Record AUv3 FX plugin Automation on a Pattern make BM3 crash 100% of the time

edited October 2018 in Bug reports

When I try to record from the plugin AUv3 screen like Lo-Fly Dirt or FlyTape automation pattern, BM3 crash as soon as I type on the record top transport bar button (with Automation ON)
Note that doing the same on the Track from song mode works fine.

But on my workflow I need it to work because the bottom pattern automation even if great idea with placing manually the points and curve, cannot replace from the starting work using the pluggin screen.

I’ve not found yet any workaround for this critical recurrent bug.
It sounds like BM3 crash as well with pattern automation record button press for any FX even internal ones.

I would be very happy to have at least an idea of when it is fixed.

Thanks a lot

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