BM3 Audio Inputs/Outputs With External Audio Interface (iOS)

Can I set audio inputs from an external audio interface while at the same time setting the audio outputs to the iPad speakers?

I have an external audio interface (Behringer UMC404HD) connected to an iPad (iOS 12). I want to get external audio from my hardware synths into BM3 through the UMC404HD interface, but I want to hear the main output through the iPad's speakers. I'm stuck because once the UMC404HD is plugged in, BM3 only recognizes all audio I/O through the UMC404HD. There are no other I/O options available.

Please tell me there is a way to get audio input from the UMC404HD AND audio output to iPad speakers 1 + 2.



  • I had the same experience. You connect an interface and it takes over all audio. Hook up headphones or speakers to the interface

  • IOS always uses the last connected interface for input/output, so if you add an interface with both it replaces the headphone and mic of the pad, but if you only add an input the headphone out will work, if you only add an output the mic will still work.

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