New Track => Scribble (Made in BM3 and mixed in Auria Pro)

Hi All,

I have not made a track in 4 months. I had a serious case of writers block. I couldn't commit to any ideas I was experimenting with but I am happy with how this track came out. Enjoy :)

Main apps used:

Blocs Wave
Model D
Beatmaker 3
Auria Pro


  • Pretty excellent production. Best I’ve heard on this forum so far.

    My only notes are personal preference. I’d like to hear more variation in the bass line. Even just more rhythmic modulation on the ‘wub’. The other thing would be to consider loosening up the drum programming. Having a little more humanization to the groove would help it a lot, I think.

    Awesome submission!

  • @XanderJames Awesome!. I hear you on the drum programming to give it some more life. Sometimes I go overboard with the bass so tried to keep it simple but I will consider it next time. Thanks for the feedback

  • Maybe it was what you were going for but a lot of the instruments sound slightly clipped like they are heavily limited, I don't get to hear a lot of modern music, so maybe this is the current trend ?

  • Lol not really the sound I was going for, might have pushed the limiter up too much in the end.

  • I think its fairly well produced but it didn't particularly grab though on a musical level if I was honest. Sorry dude. :smile:

  • @The_Bro no apologies necessary lol. Can’t win em all

  • I like the voice breaths.

  • edited October 2018

    Your other tracks are pretty rad too. Darkstep. You should enter the beat battle @Michael Lawrence

  • @mefisme thank you, im gonna try and submit something this time.

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